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A P Dinesh kumar "எனது முதல் வெற்றியே ! தோல்விதான் !

Words always fascinate me... They heal me when am hurt, motivate me when am down and reward me when I succeed. I always rely on my own words to create my own world. My creative eye finds the best in every little thing and when my words tell them, it is a Tamil poem.

When my lens captures them it is a portrait. I am proud to say that am a right brain person as I work more on creativity than on logic. I am still working towards unleashing the best poet and photographer in me. 

My motto for life will be ‘The best is yet to come’ as it stimulates me to chase my goals without bogging down! 

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A P Dinesh Kumar Kavingar

VADACHENNAI - Exclusive | BGM - (2018) | Dhanush & VetriMaaran | My Inspiration 😊

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